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Minor Blues Series 1

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Series Description

In this series Joe shows you how to play "Stevie Ray" style. This series has a "Tin Pan Alley" minor blues feel about it, featuring licks with real feeling to them. Joe looks to show you how you can create an inspirational sound using only a handful of notes at one time. The series aims to start slowly, before building the confidence in yourself to be more dynamic and versatile when it comes to your own individual solo playing. As an added bonus, Joe also talks about how the amplifier you use can help to create the distinctive blues sound you are looking for. This is a "must learn" for all blues players, and is suitable for guitar players of all levels.

Tutor Description

Joe Wilkins is a popular guitarist, musician, and composer, while also teaching a number of students in a variety of different playing styles. Joe has now brought his easy to engage with teaching style to Pro Music Tutor, where you can take advantage of his guidance whether you’re looking to master country music finger twisters or learn to play the blues.

  • Minor Blues Series 1- Lesson 1 Lesson one is a great start to your Minor Blues journey, the solo is in the style of Tin Pan Alley Blues, which sets the bar for the remainder of the series. Joe kicks off the video with a great mellow solo, comprising of some fantastic licks which build in intensity throughout the lesson. The lesson is built around the Minor Pentatonic scale, in the key of E, which makes this an E Minor Blues. Joe begins the lesson by demonstrating the solo and then breaking it down into licks which he explains in great detail. This lesson is ideal for beginners and those inexperienced to this genre of music.
  • Minor Blues Series 1- Lesson 2 Joe slows the temp down for this lesson and demonstrates a beautiful, classic Blues solo. In this lesson you'll experience some great slow licks and move onto the faster ones as the lessons progress. Joe will show you how to build dynamic and intensity with the licks you'll experience in this lesson. The idea of the series is to get you to implement some of these licks into your own soloing, broadening your repertoire. Joe begins the lesson by demonstrating the solo at pace and moves on to break the solo down into manageable licks which are explained in detail. Beginners and intermediate players will certainly have something to learn here.
  • Minor Blues Series 1- Lesson 3 Joe up's the ante in this lesson, and directs you into more of an advanced area. You'll experience some faster Blues licks in this video, and Joe will also show you some interesting picking techniques. You'll be able to get your fingers around a couple of pre-bends and really begin getting your Minor Blues playing down. Like in the previous lessons, Joe demonstrates the solo at pace to begin with and then breaks it down into manageable chunks which are demonstrated and explored in detail.
  • Minor Blues Series 1- Lesson 4 Over halfway through the lessons in this series, Joe ramps up the difficulty by producing a bunch of heavenly licks to add to your arsenal. In this lesson you'll experience some techniques synonymous with the genre of Minor Blues such as; bending and raking. Joe will show you an unusual technique of raking downwards with a pick and also demonstrate some of his picking techniques to help you master this solo. As with all of the other lessons at Pro Music Tutor, Joe will show you the solo at pace to begin with and then break it down into manageable licks which are explained in detail so you can understand and harness the solo fully.
  • Minor Blues Series 1- Lesson 5 Joe literally slides into lesson five with a solo, slow and mellow in tone, and intensifying as it progresses. This is great for the intermediate to advanced player. During this lesson Joe will demonstrate how octaves can be used in the context of this type of soloing to give your playing more dynamic. Octaves also allow you break away from the pentatonic box and have more mobility up and down the neck, opening a world of possibilities for you to explore. Coming toward the end of the series now, Joe ups the pressure further with some lovely, mellow Blues licks which are demonstrated in detail within the context of the solo. Joe also takes you through all of the techniques you need to harness for this solo and explains the picking styles so you know you're getting it right.
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