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Country Blues Series 2

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Series Description

Joe Wilkins is back for the second Country Blues series, armed with a whole new range of tips and techniques to help you play your guitar like Hall of Fame legend Robbie Robertson and many others. From the simple rhythms and bass lines that are so often underrated in Country Music to the fast and furious finger twisters that are more often associated with the genre, Joe will arm you with everything you need to become a competent Country player, as well as ideas and techniques that you can take into your own music to develop your very own style and sound.

Tutor Description

Joe Wilkins is a popular guitarist, musician, and composer, while also teaching a number of students in a variety of different playing styles. Joe has now brought his easy to engage with teaching style to Pro Music Tutor, where you can take advantage of his guidance whether you’re looking to master country music finger twisters or learn to play the blues.

  • Country Blues Series 2 - Lesson 1In this first lesson, Kickback Shuffle, Joe takes you through a short solo that brings together a distinct Country sound perfect for a solo introduction or instrumental midway through a track. Joe will show you the notes and techniques for playing each lick in this great solo piece effectively, including how to mix up using your plectrum and fingers to get the most distinctive sounds, similar to the tips in lesson one. All that is left is for you to master the licks and play them at the quick beat for which Country Blues is so famous.
  • Country Blues Series 2 - Lesson 2 Lesson two continues much in the manner of the first, taking the techniques you already know, but quickly moving on to more technical combinations of licks. If you're not ready to move quickly around the fretboard, keep practicing! This solo will help to hone your quick thinking and Country Blues improvisation skills, whether it is creating a distinct sound through bending the strings or continuing to use a hybrid of picking and finger playing. If you haven't yet learned chicken picking to shorten your notes, you'll know all about it by the conclusion of this lesson.
  • Country Blues Series 2 - Lesson 3 The variety of licks will start to hit you thick and fast in lesson three, as you learn to combine quick notes and combinations with longer lasting sounds and note repetition. Rather than introducing any further new techniques, the challenge here is to maintain your solo for a longer length of time, incorporating all of the elements you have learned so far. This is a great lesson for practicing moving from a repetitive rhythm into an improvised solo and then blending the music back into a track.
  • Country Blues Series 2 - Lesson 4 Lesson four introduces additional styles to your Country Blues repertoire, while also showing you how to make the most of your guitars' dials to change the tone and sound of each note. You are really starting to move into advanced players' territory now, and it may be worth revisiting some of the earlier lessons before taking on this test. As always, Joe breaks down each part of the solo, explaining ideas for getting the best sound and showing you how to move from one lick to the next without it affecting the quality of the sound.
  • Country Blues Series 2 - Lesson 5 As you come toward the end of this series, Joe shows you how to maintain a distinct Country rhythm whether you are playing as a lead in a band or looking to add more of a rhythmic beat to your music. Maintaining a rhythm might sound easy, but it is one of the most challenging aspects of all Country music. Joe will help you to maintain a constant sound with all of the country techniques you have learned so far, including hybrid picking and chicken picking. Practice slowly to get the sound you want, and gradually build up your speed and put the licks together for what is a stunning distinct solo piece.
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